Does the broadband router (e.g. Vigor2910) support an external ADSL2/2+ modem at full speed (24Mbps)?
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 14 March 2008 12:00 AM
Yes, the broadband router (e.g. Vigor2100V or Vigor2910) are both designed to work with any external modem (ADSL, Cable, Fibre, etc) which has an Ethernet interface.

Broadband router will handle ADSL2+ throughput (max 24Mbps downstream).

DrayTek do not publish benchmarks (due to there being so many variables in the testing environment used); however some International customers have reported that Vigor2100 is suitable for 20/20Mbps Fibre optic connections, and others that their Vigor2900/2910 achieved actual throughput in the order of 40-50Mbps using a Fibre Optic connection.

If you are concerned about throughput, I suggest that you should arrange to try a Vigor2100 or Vigor2900/2910 in your particular environment.
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