I can neither map shared disks nor see other computers in my network neighborhood, although I can successfully ping them, what should I do?
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 02 April 2008 11:28 PM

First of all , please be sure to share a folder in the other PCs because some MS-Windows boxes cannot be seen in the network neighborhood unless their folders/printers are shared.

If your target PC is in the remote LAN via ISDN or VPN, you're suggested to follow any of three solutions.

1. Make sure that you have installed " Client for Microsoft Networks " and " File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks " on your all PCs.

2. Make sure that you have enabled "NetBIOS over TCP/UDP " on all PCs and turned off all other firewalls.

3. Telnet into your router to see if there have a telnet command "mngt defenseworm on/off ". This function is used to defense network-attack and it blocks TCP 135,137,138,139,445 by default. Please use " mngt defenseworm off " to close it.

4. In the " Network Neighborhood, search another PC using its IP address instead of browsing for it in the network neighborhood.

5. Modify the content of Imhosts :
-› Search the " Imhosts.sam " file in your PC.
-› Rename " Imhosts.sam " as "Imhosts" (no file extension).
-› Follow the example in the Imhosts file to add a line like " DrayTek " where the actual value depends on your network environment.

6. Because the usage of NetBIOS through VPN in unreliable and very slow. To avoid this issue, we advise you to setup a WINS server. About how to setup a WINS server please refer to the information on Microsoft Website.

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