Why is there no mention of the new feature in the DrayTek documentation?
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 17 April 2008 12:09 AM
Certainly it would be great if the user manual was kept current with the firmware, and provided descriptions of the functionality and purpose of each individual setting.  However there are a couple of issues:
  1. It takes a few months for the Manual to catch up after major new features have been added.

    This is because DrayTek's R&D department only writes up the Release Notes for the firmware's official release.  The Firmware and Release notes are passed to Sales and Production departments; and the Sales department writes and publishes the Manual.  This takes time, especially for major new features. THEN the manual is translated to English, and finally made available to us. 

    The alternative (holding onto the new firmware for several months waiting for the updated Manual) is considered undesiarable.

  2. Some topics (such as QoS) are complex and taught as advanced Computer Science topics; and are not possible to put into language for the average home user.  In these cases Draytek could (a) leve the feature out, (b) simplify the user interface and functionality to something which can easily be described, or (c) provide sensible defaults so that customers without the necessary training don't need to understand the detail of every function.

    It is not DrayTek's job to teach advanced networking theory.  The same goes for all the PC BIOS options which are not explained by the manufacturer of the motherboard.
Fortunately the default values are most sensible; so the general advice boils down to "if you don't understand a value, leave the default value".
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