I can't access the internet, but I can access my router's Web Configurator page
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 17 April 2008 12:33 AM
The good news is that you can access the Web configurator, and so it is possible that we may be able to fix the problem without your having to send the unit in to us.

Please go to your router's Online Status page, press [Alt] and [PrtSc], paste the image into an email.

Is the bottom line of data (under the ADSL Status heading) in red ? If so, it indicates that the router can't detect any ADSL signal on the line.
  • Please try unplugging the phone cord going into your DrayTek modem and connecting it to a standard phone.  If you can't hear dialtone then check the telephone connections.  If you can hear dialtone then check that you have NOT got an ADSL filter between the wall socket and the modem. 
  • If none of these, it is possible that someone at Telstra may have accidentally disconnected your the wrong line.
Is the ADSL Status in green, but the WAN Status data line is in red ?  If so, the router is receiving ADSL signal from the telephone exchange but can't log into the ISP's login server. 
  • Please check your ISP details on the Internet Access Setup page. 
  • Please ask your ISP if they can see the PPPoE login requests in their server's log.  If so, the most common cause is mistyped username or password, so check them again. 
  • If neither of these, it is possible that someone at Telstra may have accidentally disconnected the wrong line.

Are both the ADSL Status and WAN Status lines in green ? If so, it appears that your router is correctly connected to the internet.
  • Please browse to and If the first does not work but the second does, then the problem is with your DNS and you should check your computer's TCP/IP Connection parameters.
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