Vigor general troubleshooting guide
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 07 May 2008 07:04 AM

This section will guide you to solve abnormal situations if you cannot access into the Internet after installing the router and finishing the web configuration. Please follow below sections to check your basic installation stage by stage.

1. Checking If the Hardware Status Is OK or Not ?

Follow the steps below to verify the hardware status.
  1. Check the power line and WLAN/LAN cable connections.
  2. Turn on the router. Make sure the ACT LED blink once per second and the correspondent LAN LED is bright.
  3. If not, it means that there is something wrong with the hardware status.

2. Checking If the Network Connection Settings on Your Computer Is OK or Not ?

Sometimes the link failure occurs due to the wrong network connection settings. After trying the above section, if the link is stilled failed, please do the steps listed below to make sure the network connection settings is OK.

For Windows : The example is based on Windows XP. As to the examples for other operation systems, please refer to the similar steps or find support notes in

1. Go to Control Panel and then double-click on Network Connections.

2. Right-click on Local Area Connection and click on Properties.

3. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click Properties.

4. Select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically.

3. Pinging the Router from Your Computer.

The default gateway IP address of the router is For some reason, you might need to use “ping” command to check the link status of the router. The most important thing is that the computer will receive a reply from If not, please check the IP address of your computer. We suggest you setting the network connection as get IP automatically.

Please follow the steps below to ping the router correctly.

For Windows
  1. Open the Command Prompt window ( from Start menu > Run ).
  2. Type command ( for Windows 95/98/ME ) or cmd ( for Windows NT/ 2000/XP ). The DOS command dialog will appear.
  3. Type ping and press [Enter]. It the link is OK, the line of " Reply from time<1ms TTL=255 " will appear.
  4. If the line does not appear, please check the IP address setting of your computer.

4. Checking If the ISP Settings are OK or Not ?

Click Internet Access group and then check whether the ISP settings are set correctly.
A. For PPPoE/PPPoA Users (the vast majority in Australia)
  1. Check if the Enable option is selected.
  2. Check if all parameters of DSL Modem Settings are entered with correct values that you got from your ISP.
  3. Check if Username and Password are entered with correct values that you got from your ISP.


B. For MPoA (RFC1483/2684) Users
  1. Check if the Enable option is selected.
  2. Check if all parameters of DSL Modem Settings are entered with correct values that you got from your ISP.
  3. Check if IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway are set correctly, or use DHCP server to obtain IP automatically by clicking Obtain an IP address automatically.

5. Set back to Factory Default Setting If Necessary.

Sometimes, a wrong connection can be improved by returning to the default settings. Try to reset the router by software or hardware.

Warning : After pressing factory default setting, you will loose all settings you did before. Make sure you have recorded all useful settings before you pressing. The password of factory default is null.


A. Software Reset
You can reset router to factory default via Web page.

Go to System Maintenance >> Reboot System on the web page. The following screen will appear. Choose Using factory default configuration and click OK. After few seconds, the router will return all the settings to the factory settings.


B. Hardware Reset
While the router is running ( ACT LED blinking ), press the RST button and hold for more than 5 seconds. When you see the ACT LED blinks rapidly, please release the button. Then, the router will restart with the default configuration.


After restore the factory default setting, you can configure the settings for the router again to fit your personal request.

6. Contacting Your Dealer.

If the router still cannot work correctly after trying many efforts, please contact your dealer for further help right away. For any questions, please feel free to send e-mail to
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