How can I backup (or restore) my configuration settings?
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 12 May 2008 02:43 AM

If you are backing up your Configuration file for sending to DrayTek support you will also need to provide your Administrator password (if you have set one).  Before doing the backup you may like to change your Administrator password (to something simple like "draytek"), and change it back to your secure password after making the backup.  Note that is is not possible to remove an Administrator password, only to change it.

  1. Logon to router's web configuration page.
  2. Click the "Configuration Backup / Restoration" link.
  3. Click [Backup] button and the File Download window will open.
  4. Click the [Save] button and choose the location to save your configuration file.

To restore you router to a previously saved configuration file, Click the "Configuration Backup / Restoration" link; click [Browse] button and locate your previously saved configuration file; then click the [Restore] button. Note that you should not restore a configuration saved from a different version of firmware (in case the location of data has changed between versions).

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