Configuring the Vigor2800 Router for MpoA Pass-through
Posted by on 07 December 2011 02:24 PM

The Vigor2800 router can be configured for MpoA pass-through to allow you to connect a broadband router such as the Vigor5510 to an ADSL line. The example below shows how to configure the Vigor2800 router for pass-through and the Vigor5510 will authenticate with the ISP.

 Internet Access

Step 1: Configure Vigor2800

Go to Internet Access>>MPoA configuration menu.

Enter the DSL modem settings corresponding to your ADSL line. In our example we are using MPoA.

Tick box for “Enable Bridge Mode”

 Internet Access


Step 2: Configure Vigor5510

Go to WAN>>Internet Access configuration menu

Select “Static or Dynamic IP” for Access mode and click on [Details Page] button

Internet Access


Select Enable for “Static or Dynamic (DHCP Client)”

Click on “Specify an IP Address” and enter the corresponding IP’s.

Internet Access

Step 3: Check Connection Status

Go to Online Status menu page and check the WAN 1 status. It should look similar to the screen shot below if connection to internet is successful.

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