I need help with VPN on Vigor3300V
Posted by Roy Panetta on 09 December 2011 02:14 PM

Click on the required link below for full details:

1. VPN Dial-in Function (PDF format)

Describes setting up a LAN to LAN VPN tunnel between a Vigor3300V and a Vigor2900 router. The Vigor3300V has a static IP address and the Vigor2900 has a dynamic IP address


2. VPN Dial-out Function (PDF format)

Both sites have a fixed IP address. The VPN connection is initiated from the Vigor3300V (Dial-Out) to V2900V (Dial-In).


3. VPN Three Parts Communication (PDF format)

Describes setting up two LAN to LAN VPN tunnels. The Vigor3300V) has a fixed IP address, and other two routers (V2900V and V2200V) use dynamic IP addresses


4. VPN PPTP Host-to-LAN by Smart VPN Client (PDF format)

Describes setting up a PPTP tunnel using the Smart VPN Client to the Vigor3300 series router.


5. PPTP VPN using RADIUS Server for authentication (PDF format) 

A Radius Server is used to authentication incoming VPN users.


6. IPSec Host-to-LAN (Smart VPN) - DHCP over IPSec (PDF format)

DrayTek have built a unique technique – “DHCP over IPSec” to overcome the limitation for IPSec VPN tunnel: where the dial-in side cannot obtain a private IP address from the peer side. To implement this feature, a virtual NIC will be added on the PC while connecting to the VPN server via IPSec tunnel, PC will obtain an IP address from the remote side through DHCP protocol

This document describes the detailed configuration steps for this application.


7. How to create two different VPN IPSec tunnels when both remote sites are dialling with dynamic IP address? (PDF format) 

Describes setting up VPN profiles on the Vigor3300V router. This will allow more than one incoming IPSec VPN tunnels from remote sites using dynamic IP addresses.


8. VPN Backup (PDF format) 

Describes the setting up of backup VPN tunnels between two Vigor3300V routers


9. VPN Load Balance (PDF format)

Describes setting up VPN load balance. Two Vigor3300V routers are used and both WAN1 and WAN2 are used on each router.


10. How to establish an IPSec VPN tunnel from Vigor29xx to Vigor3300, and change the default route to this VPN tunnel.

The following network topology is used here:


11. How to build LAN to LAN IPSec VPN by using X.509 Certificate?

Two Vigor3300 routers need to establish VPN tunnel using X.509 certificate.

The certificate used in router is issued by one Linux CA server which has

OpenSSL installed. The routers both trust the certificate issued by the

Linux CA server sent from peer.


This document describes how to load trusted CA’s certificate from Linux CA

Server and generate a certificate request and sign the request by Linux CA

Server and load the signed certificate to Vigor3300. Then the certificate it will be used to establish the VPN tunnel.


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