How to configure Bind IP to MAC for wired and wireless PC?
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NOTE: Please make sure that your computer is in the IP Bind List otherwise the router will not allow you to login to the router. Changing the IP address of the PC will also deny you access to the router.


You may follow the examples below.

1. Please go to the "DOS command prompt" and type the command "ipconfig /all" to find both MAC address and IP Address of the designated PC/LAPTOP.


Heres an example for a wired PC or laptop

Bind IP



Heres an example for a wireless PC or laptop

Bind ip


Heres an example for a wired Apple Mac or Macbook

bind ip

Heres an example for a wireless Apple Mac or Macbook

Bind ip


2.) Jot down the MAC and IP address of all the wired and wireless PC.


3.) Login to your router and go to LAN>>Bind IP to MAC and ADD all the IP and MAC addresses to the IP bind List (see screenshot below). 


 Bind ip


4. ) Click on Ok to save.

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