Can I use my DrayTek modem/router on an ADSL2/2+ connection?
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 14 March 2008 04:08 AM
Yes ... though there are a few considerations:
  1. Vigor 2700 and Vigor 2800 models use ADSL2 modem chipsets, and so will be able to work at up to 24Mbps (ADSL2+) when connected to an ADSL2 DSLAM and on an ADSL2/2+ ISP plan.   Note that ADSL2/2+ issues with various hardware and connected to different ISPs have reported that the actual data throughput can be cignificantly less that the 'connection' or synchronisation speed.

  2. Other Vigor modem/router models (2500, 2600, 2600plus) use ADSL1 chipsets, and are not physically capable of going faster than the ADSL maximum speed of 8Mbps.  It is not possible for a firmware upgrade to change this.

    Note however that this 8Mbps speed is still 5 x faster than Telstra's artificial limit of 1.5Mbps ! So connecting a Vigor 2500, 2600 or 2600plus to an ADSL2/2+ (i.e. non-Telstra) DSLAM will allow a significant speed improvement without having to upgrade your modem/router.

  3. Vigor 2100 and Vigor 2900 models are designed to work with an external modem.  This can be a cable modem, wireless ISP modem, an ADSL1 or ADSL2/2+ modem.  DrayTek have advised that Vigor 2100 and Vigor 2900 models will both support full-speed ADSL2/2+.
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