Vigor 3300 VPN Issue
Posted by on 17 January 2012 02:10 PM

3 VPNS connection to 3300 but 3rd connection fails with mismatch preshared key message.

Remote VPN dialing into 3300

DrayTek solution

We saw vigor3300 has 3 VPN which remote Gateway is It's incorrect settings.Because when VPN coming in without special IP which matched other VPNs,router used the preshared key of remote Gateway to exchange key with coming VPN.If you have 3 VPN profiles which remote Gateway is and their preshared keys are different, router will use the first one's preshared key to exchange.So if you want to connect VPN with the third VPN,it'll connect fail(mismatch of preshared secrets).If you want to connect OK,please use the same preshared key or only setup 1 VPN profile which remote Gateway is a lot.
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