I do not know what VPI/VCI, Encapsulation Type, protocol is. How can I configure DrayTek Vigor?
Posted by on 17 January 2012 03:49 PM

Run the Quick Start Wizard  and select “Auto Detect” as shown below. This will auto-detect ATM/DSL settings, but this can take several minutes and is not always successful.


A pop-up window asksADSL


If your ISP is providing a fixed IP address, this will have been advised in the e-mail containing your ADSL username and password.

Then you will be asked to select a country, or all. DrayTek has built-in many different country's settings to speed up the procedure. If your country is not in the list, you still can use this function but it may take much longer time to finish auto-configure procedure. Note that the list of countries is not in order, and for many models Australia is in the middle.

The auto-detect routine can take several minutes, so please be patient. If this procedure does not detect your settings, then manually set them to the values  shown in the next document. Click here  for Manual Settings


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