DDNS Auto Update Not Functioning
Posted by on 18 January 2012 05:27 PM

This is a gripe about a function available on Draytek routers - in this  case the DV2710 series - that appears useful, but is in actual fact not useful, and misleading.

The function is question is the DDNS Auto Update
DV DDNS Auto Update Setting

The interpretation of this Auto Update - for a normal user - would be  that : with the example shown above (which is the default) every 1440 minutes the router would Update the nominated account on the nominated server with the current WAN IP of the router.

A useful feature ? - yes very ! especially for the commonly free DDNS  accounts that require update at minimum every thirty days - or the account is "purged".


DDNS , auto update max is 14400 minutes... Is there a way to turn of the DDNS auto update.. Bcs Dyndns server does not like unnecessary update.. Otherwise they will suspend the acct with too many update... I usually update every 28 days or when the ADSL modem first connect or reconnect usually DDnS will register itself.


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