Vigor2820n P2P Blocking
Posted by on 20 January 2012 10:39 AM

Hi i was wondering if there were specific instructions on getting the

P2P blocking feature to work


I am trying to block p2p to only some IP addresses on the network while

allowing it to other so some specific instruction on how to do this would be great



Vigor 2820 has object based firewall, so you can define different IPs to group object, and define IM/P2P block group for different IP groups.

To create an IM/P2P rule, you may follow the steps below:
1. Create an IM/P2P object in Objects Setting >> IM Object Profile.
2. Create a CSM profile in CSM >> IM/P2P Filter Profile
3. Select the profile in Firewall >> Filter setup.

Then you can block somebody from using some IM/P2P, and allow other people through.

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