Routing between two networks
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I have purchased 2 X 2910's to route between two networks. The WAN will eventually be a Bridged wireless link which has been set up by another provider. For testing purposes I have set the 2 routers up with their W1 WAN ports connected to each other with a single cable. LAN address on first router is WAN port is with a gateway of
On the second router I have set the LAN to and the WAN to with a gateway of
The first router has a static route to via gateway
The second router has a static route to via gateway
All seems very simple except I cannot ping anything in the remote LANs of either router. I can ping the WAN IPs but the routers wont pass anything through to the opposite LANs. I have tried disabled filtering and also enabled filtering to alllow all traffic in both directions. Still it will not work. I just want to pass all traffic from one LAN to the other LAN. What have I missed?


The routers use NAT so the private IP addresses will not be visible accross the WAN connection. To join the two networks together so that PC's on LAN1 bac see PC's on LAN2 you can set up a LAN-to-LAN VPN tunnel between the two routers. For instructions on how to do this please have a look at the following application note:


Have tested Vpn using pptp and l2tp without encryption & I can get it working - I would prefer not to have the vpn overhead. Would prefer straight routing. I am currently getting around this with port forwards for rdp etc. The wireless link is using the WAN ports.
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Can be available with routing LAN(2nd subnet)
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