DSL Sync Issue Analysis (for Vigor2700 Series & Vigor2700Ge/e)
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1. Introduction

In order to speed up the process of solving ADSL Sync problem, this paper lists detailed procedure for debugging the problem and describes the required information provided by the tester. Such paper can reduce the times of communication between the testers and DrayTek. Please follow the procedure listed below to help solving the ADSL Sync problem quickly and efficiently.

2. Troubleshooting and Diagnosis Flow

Procedure 1

  1. Check the settings of WUI. If the Modulation in ADSL Settings is Multi-Mode, please test different modes manually.
  2. Collect relational information of DSLAM from CO site. (Refer to Table 3-1. It should be filled as detailed as you can.)
  3. Prepare test results for each modem code of Vigor2700 (fill the result into Table 3-2). Table 3-2 is suitable for one modem code only. Make copies of Table 3-2 for filling different modem codes if necessary.
  4. Try to get the test results of modem with the same DSL solution (by Infineon).
  5. Try to get the test results of other modems with different chipset solutions (such as Zyxel, v2700, Speedtouch).

Procedure 2

  1. Chipset vendor or DrayTek RD analyzes the problem and know the way to solve it. Skip Procedure 2 and go to Procedure 3.
  2. If necessary, we have to do same test for the evaluation board of Infineon. If it has the same problem, we can ask Infineon assisting to solve it.

Procedure 3

  1. Chipset vendor offers new modem code according to the problem for solving.
  2. DrayTek RD offers new beta firmware to users for experimentation. If the error still occurs, return and run Procedure 2 again.
  3. If there is no error found in the experimentation of new firmware, new firmware can be released by DrayTek RD.

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