How does the PSTN Pass-Through Work on Vigor Routers Supporting PSTN connection?
Posted by on 25 January 2012 02:43 PM

The Vigor2100V/VG; 2200V/VG; Vigor2700V/VG and Vigor2820Vn routers have a Line socket to connect a PSTN phone line.

The FXS ports allow you to connect to your analogue telephone handset to the Vigor router. This enables the phone connected to your Vigor router to not only make and receive VoIP calls, but also make and receive calls using the PSTN phone line.

An incoming call on your PSTN line will automatically switch to the attached phone and you can answer the call. To make an outgoing call using the PSTN line, dial #0 then dial the number.

The phone LED indicates the current mode - Green for VoIP and Amber for PSTN.

If the Vigor router looses power, its router's failover mode will automatically switch your phone over to the PSTN line.  

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