What is the difference between the two WDS Modes (Bridge & Repeater Modes)?
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There are two WDS modes are implemented in Vigor routers. These are:


  1. Bridge Mode
  2. Repeater Mode


In Repeater mode, the packets received from one peer AP can be repeated to another peer AP through WDS links. Repeater mode performs WDS-to-WDS packet forwarding.


In Bridge mode, packets received from a WDS link will only be forwarded to local wired or

Wireless hosts. Bridge mode does not allow WDS-to-WDS packet forwarding.



 Below shows the function of WDS-bridge interface:

The application for the WDS-Repeater mode is depicted as below:


The example below shows 3 devices connected by WDS links using Bridge mode.


  1. Hosts connected to Bridge 1 or 3 can communicate with hosts connected to Bridge 2 through the WDS links to bridge 2.

  2. Hosts connected to Bridge 1 CANNOT communicate with hosts connected to Bridge 3 through Bridge 2.

  3. Only Repeater mode will allow WDS-to-WDS packet forwarding.

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