How can I extend the range of my DrayTek Wireless?
Posted by on 02 February 2012 04:15 PM

There are a few of methods you can use to extend the range of a DrayTek Vigor wireless router:

  1. 1.    If you need to connect to wireless devices located in a particular direction from the router or access point then you can replace the omnidirectional antenna with a directional antenna. For example you can use the ANT-2309 2.4G Directional Corner Antenna
  2. Use higher-gain antennas, such as the 5dBi (ANT-1105) or the 7dBi (ANT-1107). Generally a high-gain antenna puts out a stronger signal (which can be detected farther away), and can detect a weaker incoming signal.
  3. Add an additional wireless access points (WAP).

  4. Use WDS to link two wireless networks by a wireless link.

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