How to Reinstall the License for Vigor Router
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The PCB in router A must be replaced by a new PCB (B) due to some reason. Router A has been registered to MyVigor database and activated WCF service. Therefore, it is necessary to reinstall the same license to the router again after finished the PCB replacement.

The Router (A) from the user with license registered

MAC Address: 00507F77FE40

PIN/HID: 10700507F77FE40

License number: 7DAEB-665CF-FF056-D373A

Registered with the account: wynn

New PCB (B) offered by dealer

MAC Address: 00507F7E0EF8


(not registered with any account.)

Note: The Reinstall procedure must be executed by the one who is authorized by DrayTek sales department.

Before performing the license reinstallation, please change the PIN /HID sticker first.

  1. Remove and discard the PIN /HID sticker from the bottom of the router A.   

    Note: The MAC address is the last 12 characters of PIN / HID.
  2. Take the sticker of the PIN /HID from the new PCB (B) off.
  3. Paste the sticker removed from PCB (B) to the bottom of the router A.

Now, simply follow the steps listed below to reinstall the WCF License.

  1. Reset the router (A) to factory default settings.
  2. Open your browser with URL: Type in the account, password and Authentication Code in the fields of UserName, Password (make sure the account typed here having the authorization to reinstall) and AuthCode. Click Login.
  3. Open Vigor Series>>Reinstall>>Application to display the following page.
  4. Type the PIN number and MAC address of router A on the fields of Old PIN Number and Old Device Mac. And, type the PIN number and MAC address of PCB (B) on the fields of New PIN Number and New Device Mac. Choose your purpose of reinstall on Reason field (Broken or other). Such information will be recorded on the Vigor database for reference. If you have any comment, just type it on the page. Next, click Submit.
  5. In the following page, the new record will appear with the result of “Approved”.
  6. Click the number under ID field. The corresponding settings for the router will be displayed on the webpage.

  7. Access into the web configurator of Vigor PCB (B) by typing URL:

  8. Open System Maintenance>>Activation. Click the Activate link.
  9. A Login page will be shown on the screen. Enter the account and password in the fields of UserName and Password. Then, click Login.

Note that you have to enter the user name and password used for router A registration. For example, Router A is registered with the user account of “wynn” in this case. Therefore, you must register PCB (B) under the user account of “wynn”, too.

10.  From the following page, the Add button appears on the screen. Please click it to add PCB (B).

11.  The new device has been added under such user account. Then, click the Reinstall button.

12.  A dialog will appear to ask you to confirm such work. Please click OK.

13.  Vigor website will display the following page for your reference. If everything is right, please Submit. If not, please click Cancel to execute “reinstall” again.

14.  When the following message appears, the license applied in router A has be reinstalled onto PCB (B) successfully.

15.  Now, the reinstall job has been completed. The valid time for WCF service is displayed.

16.  Access into through Vigor router. If you see the following page, simply click On (next to the red circle) for WCF service.

However, if the trial version is still in use, you will get the following screen:

Note: It is recommended to use trial version first before activating the formal edition of WCF service. In this case, the trial version of license is in use.

17.  Now, WCF service is activated.

18.  Please remove the PCB inside the Router A and replace PCB (B) into the Router A. Do not skip this step. 

Trace Record

After finishing the license (WCF/AS/AV/AI) reinstall procedure, please record it for reference in the future. Refer to the following example. 

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