Configuring Transparent Mode in VigorPro5510
Posted by on 14 February 2012 11:10 AM

Q. What is transparent mode?

Transparent mode is also known as Bridge mode. The device in transparent mode canact as a bridge and also filter/inspect packets. It has all the interfaces belonging to thesame LAN segment and you do not have to change other network settings when youadd a transparent device to the network.In a word, a transparent mode device is invisible on the network.


What is it used for ?

It is usually used for connecting a private network behind an existing firewall or arouter. Take VigorPro5510 Unified Security Firewall for example, after enabling suchmode, packets sent from each host will be detected or filtered by UTM (AV/AI/AS)or firewall policies. The hosts will be double protected by VigorPro UTM product andthe NAT device in front of VigorPro UTM product and the network infrastructurewon't change a lot.


How to configure VigorPro 5510 in Transparent mode ?

1. Set an IP for management.While the administrator wants to manage VigorPro5510, he can access it by the IP192.168.56.1 .

2.Setup Firewall policies. Take Anti-Virus for example.

Apply the set AntiVirus profile to Firewall.

3. Setup WAN IP for updating AI/AV signatures.The WAN IP should be the IP in the same network as the front device.

4. Enable the transparent mode function via Firewall >> General Setup page.

After ticking the Enable transparent mode option, there will be a window popping up,please click OK if you want to enable the mode.

Note1 : Transparent mode only work with WAN1.

Note2 : Transparent mode and NAT mode can exist on VigorPro 5510 at the sametime.

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