My laptop associates to the access point, but DHCP fails to give an address. DHCP is working fine for all physically connected devices.
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 14 March 2008 06:36 AM
The wireless devices can physically see each other and associate; however the security authentication is failing, and so higher-level functions (such as DHCP assignment and network browsing) do not work.

Please check the wireless security method(s) you are using - i.e. MAC Address Control, WEP or WPA.
If these seem correct, please try turning OFF all wireless security at both ends and try the wireless connection.
  • If the wireless devices do connect OK, a DHCP address is issued, and you can surf the web ... then turn ON the security one step at a time, and check after each step. This will isolate where the problem is.
  • If the wireless doesn't get a DHCP address with NO security enabled, please capture a syslog and post here for us to investigate further.
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