How to Create an IPSec Tunnel (Main Mode) Between Vigor3300V and Vigor3900 Routers
Posted by Roy Panetta on 22 July 2015 05:18 PM

This guide will show you the configuration required to establish an IP Sec VPN tunnel (Main Mode) between a Vigor3300V and a Vigor3900 router.


Network Toplogy



Vigor3900 Configuration

Step 1:

Go to VPN and Remote Access >> VPN Profiles configuration menu.

Select IPsec option and click on Add



Step 2:

Enter the required details:

  • Select Enable

  • Select Auto Dial-Out option and Dial-Out WAN

  • Enter the local IP / Subnet   (

  • Enter Local Next Hop:

  • Enter Remote Host (WAN IP address or remote router)

  • Enter Remote IP / Subnet (LAN IP subnet for remote router)

  • Select IKE Phase 1 (Main Mode)

  • Enter Preshared Key (This same key must be entered at the remote router as well)

The remaining settings can be felt at the defaults

Leave advanced settings at default values.


Leave GRE settings at default values.

Leave Proposal settings at default values.


Vigor3300V Configuration


Step 1:

Go to VPN >> IPSec >> General Setup menu

You can leave the settings at default values as shown below:

Step 2:

Go to VPN >> IPSec >> Policy Table menu.

Select first available index and click on Edit (We have selected index 1).

Enter required details for this profile


  • Select Enable for Profile Status

  • Enter a name for this profile (3900)

  • Select Authentication to be Preshared Key

  • Enter Preshared Key (This key must match the key entered in the Vigor3900)

Local Gateway

  • Select WAN Interface for this VPN tunnel to use

  • Enter local LAN IP subnet/mask for this router

Remote Gateway

  • Enter the WAN IP address of the remote router (Vigor3900 WAN IP:

  • Enter the LAN IP subnet/mask of the remote router (Vigor3900 LAN1:



Leave Advanced settings at default values.

Ensure Main mode is selected.


Check VPN Tunnels are Running

The VPN tunnel should now come up.


Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management menu.

You should see VPN tunnel is now running as shown below:



Go to VPN >> IPSec >> Status menu.

You should see VPN tunnel is now running as shown below:




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