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Webinar - DrayTek's Latest Solution for Multiple Wi-Fi AP Deployment
Posted by Roy Panetta on 14 August 2015 04:31 PM

DrayTek provides a range of Wi-Fi solutions for SOHO and small business users. The latest mid-range router models provide wireless access point management. This enables the system integrator or network administrator to easily deploy and manage a Wi-Fi network using DrayTek devices.

This webinar covers a number of topics that include the current status of Wi-Fi technology followed by an overview of DrayTek wireless access point devices. Then this is followed by a Wi-Fi deployment example and a discussion of DrayTek's AP Management Tool.

This video is from a webinar covering DrayTeks Latest solution for Multiple Wi-Fi Deployment.  It includes a discussion of Wi-Technology and DrayTek's AP Management Tool.


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