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Posted by Roy Panetta on 01 May 2019 11:32 AM

Upcoming Webinar

Free Webinar -Routing in DrayTek Routers (Part 2).

Tuesday 7th May 2019 at 10:00 am (AEST)

Duration 30 Minutes

You are invited to attend our next webinar presentation where we will look at the topic: Routing in DrayTek Routers (Part 2).

The presentation continues from our previous webinar where we looked at some aspects of routing in DrayTek routers. The discussion in this webinar will cover Load Balance/Route Policy in DrayTek routers.

It will include the different configuration options available as well as configuration examples. The examples looked at are:

  1.       Apply Failover to a specific subnet
  2.       Routing to the internet from a different LAN site

There will be time to ask questions at the end of the presentation. I hope you will be able to attend this interesting webinar.


Click here to register for this webinar. 


Latest Application Notes


IPsec VPN between Amazon VPC and Vigor Router

This application note shows how to set up an IPSec VPN tunnel between a DrayTek Vigor router and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

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Troubleshoot an unexpected router reboot

DrayTek routers will normally keep running for a long time during normal operation. This can be verified by the current system uptime in the Online Status >> Physical Connection page. If the system uptime is lower than expected, it means the router has rebooted event. This article provides steps to troubleshoot an unexpected router reboot event.

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How to avoid IP Spoofing by using Vigor Router?

IP spoofing is caused by hackers using tools to modify the source address in the packet header to make the receiving system or device think the packet is from a trusted source, such as another computer on a local network, and accept it. Vigor Router supports IP Spoofing Defense feature to prevent such spoofing events. This article describes two ways DrayTek routers prevent spoofing.

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