How do I capture Vigor router's log for DrayTek support engineer's analysis?
Posted by on 25 January 2012 11:57 AM

Please use the following steps to capture the router log:

Step 1
Open "hyper-terminal" from the Programs/Accessories/Communications.


Step 2

Type the name for this connection, e.g. draytek.


Step 3

Fill in the Host address and Port number for Vigor router.

Default port number is 23


Step 4

Enter the password and type "log-F a" to flush all the previous logs.


Step 5

Type "log -w" to display the latest WAN log or you may type "log -wt" to display all the wan logs.

   Please mark the log information and then copy it to notepad and save it in a *.txt file.


Step 6

 Type "log -c" to display the latest call log.

   Please mark the log information then copy it to notepad with *.txt file.
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