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Default IP Address - Method to Web and Cli Access Management of DrayTek G2260
Posted by Shahzad Khurram on 28 January 2016 04:39 PM



DrayTek G2260 is a supported device in Central Switch Management Feature(Beta version) in DV 2925 and DV 2860 series routers.

Switch Management Feature will enable customers to centrally manage and access the whole LAN and WAN network by a single device.


These models also support Central VPN and Central AP Management Features and are available in our standard firmware versions. 


In order to facilitate the DrayTek Customers, We have found this correction in the device access feature. Below is the correct method of accessing the G2260 Switch while configuring it for the first time.

I hope this will help


DrayTek Switching Product G2260 method to configure and access via Rs232- Console Cable


Default IPv4 Address of G2260:


IP Address:

Subnet Mast:




RS232-Console Cable


Baud rate: 115200

Stop Bits : 1

Data Bits : 8

Parity      : N

Flow Ctrl : None


Data bits 8
Parity N

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DrayTek Australia Pty LTD

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