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Posted by Roy Panetta on 09 July 2019 03:44 PM

Latest Videos

How to install DrayTek VigorACS 2 on Microsoft Azure Cloud Server

This video shows you how to install Vigor ACS2 in Linux CentOS 7.6 operating system using Azure Cloud as the infrastructure server.

The steps involve creating a virtual Machine in the Azzure cloud and then installing VigorACS 2 into the Virtual Machine.


Click here to watch the video.


Latest Software

VigorACS 2 V2.5.0

VigorACS 2 version 2.5.0 is now available.

If you have an existing VigorACS 2 installation and wish to upgrade to the latest version, please send an email to for download instructions.

New Features

  • Support batch activation of WCF license.
  • Support to configure IP Conflict Prevention setting on VigorSwitch.
  • Support TLS 1.3 (OpenJDK 11 is required) for connection between VigorACS2 and browser.
  • Support to configure OpenVPN setting for DrayOS router.
  • Add VigorACS2 compatible/secure mode by selecting standalone.xml in system parameter settings.
  • Add the number of used nodes information in About >> License Information page.

Click here to download the release notes and User Guide.

DrayTek Wireless (Android) V1.0.4

This DrayTek Wireless app for Android mobile devices can be used for on-premises VigorAP configuration and monitoring. The app allows you to easily setup and manage the Mesh Wireless network and has the following key benefits:

Click here to download from Google Play store


Latest Application Notes


Use Firewall in User-Based mode with a RADIUS server

This application note shows how to use User Management with RADIUS server and set different policies for different user accounts. With this configuration, LAN clients are required to log in with their user account for Internet access. The administrator can set different rules for different user accounts. For example, we can create a rule to prohibit Facebook from most employees; On the other hand, the user with HR accounts can access the Internet without any limitations.

Click here to read the application note.


IPsec Xauth from Windows to Vigor Router

IPsec tunnel with Xauth requires not only pre-shared key but also username and password for authentication when VPN client creates the tunnel, it can enhance the security of IPsec tunnel. This article demonstrates how to create an IPsec tunnel with Xauth between Vigor Router and Windows.

Click here to read the application note.

IPsec aggressive mode VPN from Windows to Vigor Router

IPsec VPN in Aggressive mode can establish between Windows and Vigor Router with peer IDs and pre-shared key by using Shrew VPN Client. This article demonstrates how to create an IPsec tunnel between Vigor Router and Windows.

Click here to read the application note.

Central Management

Enable Two-factor authentication for VigorACS 2

Two-factor authentication can be used to increase the security of your VigorACS 2 account due to you must input not only username and password but also another verification code to log into VigorACS 2. This article demonstrates how to enable Two-factor authentication for VigorACS 2 when you log in.

Click here to read the application note.


ONVIF Surveillance Introduction

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is the communication standard between IP-based physical security products. Supporting ONVIF is a trend in security products, such as a webcam connected to a network video recorder, a webcam connected to the monitoring software, and an access control system.

The VigorSwitch also supports monitoring ONVIF monitoring is now available in VigorSwitch’s running firmware version 2.5.0. In addition to managing and configuring the IP cam, administrators can view video streams directly from the WebUI of the VigorSwitch. This application note covers same examples.

 Click here to read the application note.


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